Rök of Scandinavia


Welcome to Rök of Scandinavia!

Rök of Scandinavia is a premium clothing brand from södermanland county in sweden.
Started in 2016 by me (Johannes lampinen).

All the clothes you will find in the webshop are made from swedish made fabric of organic cotton (GOTS certified).

The uniqe design is the result of the many hours of me doodeling away in "the batcave", combined with my passion for designing clothes.
(It doesnt get more "Me" than this..)   ;)

Quality is the most important thing to me.

To me quality means the products capacity to meet the users expectations. And my expectations in a piece of clothing is that it should be comfortable, good looking, have a uniqe designe and it should have been made under fair sircumstances, using ecofreindly materials.

And that is what im hoping to achieve.

I hope you will find something you like!

My very best,
Johannes Lampinen
Designer and founder of Rök of Scandinavia